WILL GIVE BRAINLIESTPlease Help FASTI have 3 questions for math1. Two lines have the given equations. Use the Linear Combination Method to solve.2x-y=13x-y=-62. Solve the system of equations using the Substitution Method4x+2y = 10y = 4x + 23. Solve the system of equations using any method6x – y = 2y = 3x + 4WITH WORK PLEASE

Accepted Solution

May not be much help since I’m confused but if you want y or whatever, isolate the variable by doing the inverse operation.For example if you add 2 subtract it so it will cancel out. Of course to balance the equation you must do it to te other side. Ask yourself what is stopping the variable To be by itself? And get rid of it bun doing the inverse operationIf you add, subtractIf you subtract, addIf you multiply, divideIf you divide, multiplyIf your dealing with squared numbers, find the square root of itIf it’s sign isn’t there and it positive, subtractIf it’s sign isn’t there and it’s negative, addIm sorry if i wasn’t much help!