1. Your total restaurant bill is _____. (1 point)Captionless Image* the items purchased minus sales tax, and plus tip. the items purchased plus sales tax and tip. the items purchased minus sales tax, and plus tip. 2. A check is _____. (1 point)Captionless Image* required to be paid by your bank when presented a promissory note (I.O.U.) not able to be forged 3. There are several different ways to pay for items. In most modern economies, which is not a way to pay? (1 point)Captionless Image* credit cards bartering cash

Accepted Solution

First question: Your total restaurant bill is the items you have purchased plus the sales tax and plus the tip (if there’s any). Sales tax is added to your purchase because this is tax imposed to the consumer and not to the buyer. The buyer is only required to collect this tax from the buyer. Second question: A check is a financial instrument wherein the bank is required to pay when presented or encashed to them. You just have to make sure that you have account balance to that certain bank. Third question: The way of payment not any more common in the most modern economies is the bartering. Both credit cards and cash are the most common way of paying for your purchases.